Lostinworld.com is a research tool which allows you to find people, things or information through a system of classifieds.
Because of its easy and ambitious principle, Lostinworld.com allows you to find anyone or anything,anywhere.
To make a search, you just need to fill in a date or a place, and all the information related to your request and posted by other users will appear immediately. If you would like to be in touch, for example, with someone you met in a public place and that you didn´t have time enough to accost, a friendship of long standing or a member of your family. If you would like to give your testimony about an accident or any news item you have seen, if you forgot your diary in a taxi or found a wallet in the subway.
The are a multitude of example which could illustrate all the possibilities of this service based on a system of classifieds.
Access to the search functionalities and post an add is totally free, without any need of identification or making account. Only a valid Email is required to post an add.

The contain of adds titles is available in Google by two days.

Lostinworld.com - video 1

lostinworld.com - video 2